Hello everyone! My name is Nathan and I live in WV. My passions are cooking, pop music, and cute guy butts. I enjoy long late night walks to the fridge, video games, pop music, and video games. Yessica is my Queen of Hairballs. I'm in the Glee, Harry Potter, Sailor Moon, RuPaul's Drag Race, and Pokemon fandom. I'm also a D-Cup member. Ask my bosom questions!

Just a little warning for you guys I do have depression so some posts may be triggering for some. I tag my posts so be sure to check the tag on a read more.


one night my cousin and I were watching some TV show and this random girl was trying to act all gangsta with these random black people on the street and out no where I turned to him and shouted “she ain’t no sista” in the most gangsta voice ever and he cried

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